Count Raum (primal) is a wraithic vampire.


Monstrous shifting creatures, these notable entities are only emboddied to blood and torture, as they are a type of vampire called a wraith, a wraith is a vampire that has fully turned demonic or possessed/evil, wraith have strange time shift abilities in which they use to quickly get around others, and kill quite quickly.

Powers & Abilities:

Shifting - Wraith can shift their time so that they are super fast.

Bio Electrical Emission - Can emit bolts of purple energetic lightning from their bodies.

Seismic Combat - Have lethal punches and kicks which can almost break stone itself.

Regenerative Healing Factor - can heal but need to drink blood to do so.

Levitation - cannot fly but can levitate into the air by 8 metres.

Necromancy - can communte with evil spirits of the dead.

Elemental Connections:

Overview, Air


Photokinesis - wraith love the dark, hate the light.

Combat Chronokinesis- they can be stopped by using chronokinesis

Mana Projection Field - cannot cast spells of deadly fortune to anyone with this power

home to the deadly Wraith, a vamparic race that feast off others. There is little doubt that the Wraith sympathises with Chaos. The evil Count Raum and his vain consort Countess Empusa exemplify the evil that pervades the Wraith Upper Classes. Wraith will take no pitty what so ever to anything, not even if that anything is a small baby kitten, they will still eat or ravage you,. Recently they have taken their sadistic pleasures to depraved extremes demanding blood sacrifices from the starving slum dwellers. Wraith have multiple personalities, as main wraith (evil) have only one, as for the hellot people, living in fear and trayal as the kingdom searches them for their blood to drink. These fearsome and cadaverous beings have created a warped aristocratic society, with the ruling Wraith class living a life of opulence and excess while the peasants live in filth and squalor. Unsurprisingly the ruling class are selfish and evil, throwing lavish masked balls within sight of the starving masses.

Powers & Abilities:Edit

  • Time Shiftment: Can magically slow down time and cause themselves to speed up.
  • '''Regenerative Healing factor''' : Can heal and stay immortal but needs blood to live.
  • Bio-Electrokinesis: Can emit powerful charges of bio energy which blast and electricute anything in its way.
  • Necromancy: Can commune with evil spirit guides, as their souls tainted with evil energy.
  • Seismic Combat: Wraith have devistating attacks that cause even marbel to explode itself, when they kick or punch a seismic energy is used with them.
  • '''Levitation''': Wraith can levitate up to eight metres.

Did you know?Edit

Elizabeth Báthory Was a countess vampiric wraith