The Core


A magical main realm of dream land, where each and every world is accessible by the doors of time, which allow each and every world available to the dreamer at any time

Creatures & Habitat

Good Spirits - Sometimes, orbs move around in that world, and help the dreamer.

Elemental Sprites - elemental keepers, that are invisible, but are heard.

Has glass like stations, which frame around fables of old stories, and have the magic touch

Elemental Connections:


The core is one of the main magical realms, existant and only accessable by dreaming.

The core is a location in dream lands, It is framed as a world within a dream, and its nature as the dreamer's heart is reinforced by the background music, However, the events which occur within it have a real effect on the waking world, and in one instance they are actually observed by outside forces.[1] The dreamer, mainly are Diviners are guided through the Awakening by an inaudible, unseen "voice", whose identity is uncertain.[2]

To reinforce and percieve the dreamlike setting of the core, the user must be oneiropathical to optimize such potential energies, The core, is composed of several enormous, illuminated stained-glass pillars known as "Stations", rising from unseen depths. Each Station has a unique shade, depicts a specific set of characters,. For example, cinderella one one, snow white as another, mainly old fables carved into the glass by an un-known entity. The main goal of being in this world, is to discover the mystery of destiny, and to uncover your path of life,. there, when you wake up, you shall receive a gift. something on the lines of telepathy (most common) or full oneiromancy . In the core, you shall perceive a door, at the end of the dream, if you go through the door with the start on top, it will lead you to more doors, which is the location core of all the other worlds you can enter. if you go through the door with the moon, you can go home, and wake up. if you go through the door with the sun, you will be taken to a question (common) .