Shadow Lurkers


Horrible nasty like creatures that produce dark shadowness wherever they struck. they inflect darkness on the most innocence, and feed off any bad juju energy they can smell, shadow lurkers are mainly known to be in any magical forest, moving through the bushes watching your weaknesses.

Powers & Abilities:

Shadowkinesis: Can project and control shadow force.

Shadowessence: Can lurk and teleport shadows.

Shadow Screaming: Produces loud violent screams of terror

Shadow Possession: Can control dark psyche

Shadow morphing: can turn into shadow aswell as physical states.

Climbing ability: can scale walls well.

Dark scratch: has a dark touch.

Elemental Connections:



Any object of weapon in physical state

Photokinesis Can kill these creatures.

Shadow Lurkers are beasts that lurk and live within peoples and others shadows. These shadowy beings are very evil and worship only the devil himself, their powers are not only dark and curruptive but their weaknesses are quite hard, A shadow beast can become physical when it wants to attack, but it turns its bodily atoms back into a shadow when it wants to crawl and lurk around you. They possess Shadowkinetic abilities that allow them to teleport using shadowessence, or to shape darkness into balls or shapes of shadowy force in which they throw at you. they can taint people to evil only if the person is un aware they will be possessed, shadow lurkers can be pretty much everywhere, but remain and hide in the dark forests mainly with magical means.

Powers & Abilities:Edit

  • Shadowkinesis: Can generate and project shadow force.
  • Shadowessence: Can Follow and teleport in shadows.
  • Shadow Possession: Can possess others with dark psyche.
  • Shadow Morphment: Can change into shadow or physio at will.
  • Climbing: Has powerful climbing and scaling abilities.
  • Shadow Scratching: poisonous scratches.