Physical Dimensional Transportation

Ability to:

Generate and manipulate portals to other realms

Possessed by:


Elemental Connections:

Absolute Energy,Space

Physical Dimensional Transportation, Also known as Portal Summoning or Portal Manipulation is the ability to generate and absorb portals to other realms.


The user can emit a portal made of energy which quickly transports the user folding him or her into another area of another realm. This is similar to teleportation except you generate portals instead of just flashing. The psion can emit a powerful Blow of concussive portal energy to blast back objects, and use portals to transport objects like teleportational telekinesis or Molecular Teleportation

A portal in science fiction and fantasy, is a magical or technological doorway that connects two distant locations, whether separated by time or more commonly, space. It usually consists of two or more gateways, with an object entering one gateway leaving via the other instantaneously.

Places that a portal will link to include: a different spot in the same universe (in which case it might be an alternative for teleportation); a parallel world (inter-dimensional portal); the past or the future (time portal); and other planes of existence, like heaven, hell or other afterworlds. A parallel world, such as C. S. Lewis's Wood between the Worlds may exist solely to contain multiple portals—perhaps to every parallel world in existence.

Portals are similar to the cosmological concept of a wormhole, and some portals work using wormholes. Portals are also closely related to blackholes.